How to Check Coupon on BetKing

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BetKing has come along the way since the year it was founded. Because of its high-paying odds, a lot of punters have been visiting their site daily. The design of the website is easy to navigate, which the users don’t have difficulty finding their way on the page.

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Moreover, this review will not only help you know more about BetKing but will also teach you how to check your winning tickets on the site. And it is also notable that players have been testing their way out through their predictions on placing bets, in such high odds, to get that winning ticket right after the match.

Before we dive into the different ways of checking your BetKing coupons, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of BetKing.

BetKing Coupon Check

BetKing Pros and Cons


  • The website interface is easy to navigate
  • BetKing features both website and mobile site applications
  • In mobile app site, it offers two versions, the newest and the old one
  • BetKing offers high odds, promotions, and welcome bonus
  • Has a wide range of betting markets to choose from
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal system
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Any punter around the world can play on the website


  • Sometimes the odds can be deceiving
  • They are still lacking some of notable games of today

Also, as I mentioned above, BetKing offers mobile site applications, and these are significant as they have different designs and features, especially in BetKing check coupon betslip.

BetKing User Interfaces

Using BetKing in checking your BetKing Coupon Codes in PC and in Mobile App Site is sometimes overwhelming, you must at least know their differences. Here is a comparison:

Checking BetKing Coupons Using PC

Players have been searching online the difference between using a PC or Laptop in visiting BetKing and in the mobile app site. So, in a PC or Laptop setting, any user can easily browse the website (especially if they have an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection) by typing Here are the following steps:

how to check coupon on betking

  1. Once you have reached the main page of BetKing, you can easily see on the right side of the page the COUPON TOOLS and BETSLIP.
  2. It is always your choice whether you will log in to your account or not, as it will always be optional. Because even if you are not using your account, you can still check BetKing Coupon Code or BetKing Coupon Codes.
  3. So in the search bar (as you can see above), you must enter your BetKing Coupon Code or BetKing Coupon Codes and make sure it corresponds well with what you have.
  4. And by entering the ID of your bet slip on the Search Icon, it will automatically direct you to the status of your BetKing Coupon Code or BetKing Coupon Codes.
  5. Right after, it will make you aware whether you are the winner or not in your bets.

Checking BetKing Coupons Using Mobile Phones

First things first, it will not be an issue whether you have the latest or old versions of your mobile phones as long as it allows you to use any browser, then you are good to go.

In BetKing Mobile Site App, and especially if it’s your first time visiting the website on your mobile, it will make you choose between the BetKing New Mobile App and the BetKing Old Mobile App.

betking old mobile check coupon

And if you click the ‘Remember this Setting’ the moment you will use the BetKing Mobile App Site, this will be your default, which means it will automatically direct you to the new or old app site.

Moreover, if you are using the old mobile app site and you would like to know the BetKing Old Mobile Check Coupon, here are the following steps:

  1. Simply click the ‘Mobile Lite’ version, and right after, it will direct you to its home page.
  2. Once, you have been directed to its home page, you will see the ‘Coupon Check’, and you just have to click it.
  3. And right after, you will see an ‘Enter Coupon Code’ area, wherein you will enter what coupon you have. You can also copy/paste your code in your phone’s notepad right after you have made a bet, in case you might forget it.
  4. Click the ‘Proceed’ button and it will notify you whether you are the winner or not.
  5. To add, you can also confirm your placed bets whether you part of the winning tickets on the site itself.
  6. Lastly, it is also worth noting that BetKing provides a list of Bet Codes for its users, to be able to fast track everything they do in the site.

betking check coupon codes

If you are wondering what’s on the BetKing New Mobile App, it is a more stylish and more improved version of the Old version. The steps on checking your Betking Coupon Code or BetKing Coupon Codes are still the same as what mentioned above.

How to Know if your Ticket Code is a Winning Ticket

So here are the simplest ways in confirming your placed bets as winning tickets:

  1. Follow what is instructed above.
  2. Type your coupon codes, one by one.
  3. Click ‘Proceed’ as it will automatically notify you whether you have a Green Square or the Red Square. Green Square means you are a winner and the red one is the loser one.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is BetKing a Legit Site?

Yes, BetKing has been operating since 2018, and it shows a promising future as it has been gaining a lot of visitors and users daily. Also, there have been no issues recently about their site as it may be in the deposit or withdrawal system. Besides, their customer service is available 24/7 not only on their website but also on their other social media accounts.

How to Know if You Have the Winning Ticket?

Just as what is mentioned above, if you already put your code on the box of 'check coupon code' and clicked the 'proceed' button, and if you have the green square in the ticket of your bets, then you are a winner.

Is BetKing Mobile Site App Safe?

Yes, they are one of the few sportsbooks that have a safe and secured mobile app site. Especially on their newest version, they improved its design, and not just it is appealing but also easy to navigate. Moreover, it has fewer caches and cookies now, which means your activities will be smoother.


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